Betser-21st Century Sportsbook!

Everything evolves as per Darwin’s theory of natural selection, the weeding out of the weak and sick to be replaced by the most vital and strongest. This is not just confined to the animal kingdom. This happens every day in the business community too. Telephone companies were replaced by cell phone companies, taxi services were replaced by ride sharing apps and Hotels by home sharing apps. You innovate and you survive, you do not and you perish.

This was never more apparent than in the gaming community. Brick and mortar casino dollars have been shrinking at a massive pace with the advent of online casino platforms that offer better games, bigger payouts and a better customer experience.

Now that technology has been embraced by the sportsbook, one company is leading the way. Betser is the newest innovation by the gaming experts at Hero Gaming. Doing away with the old, traditionally held views that sportsbooks were the one area of gaming that needed no incentive programs, that the folks who bet on sports were somehow different from other gamblers.

Betser has exploded onto the scene in a blaze of glory. Gone are the tired old ways of looking at sportbooks. Now, you get all the incentives and rewards that slot players and table game lovers have enjoyed for so many years. Gone are the days of sportsbook being the red-headed step child of the industry. Betser has made sportbooks respectable.

The innovations that Betser has introduced are refined enough to bring in the most discerning of wagerers. Those who may have never wagered on a sporting event are sure to find the atmosphere and design of Betser to their liking.

By offering a broad range of incentives and rewards to the players, Betser has ensured that a new wave of wagerers is introduced to the exciting and potentially profitable world of sports betting. The reward system put in place by Betser recognizes your betting tendencies and rewards you based on the way you place your wagers.

If you are the high risk/high reward type of player who likes to make a play with the long shots or the “dogs” in the hopes of the massive payday when they finally hit that 32-1 payout, then you are recognized and rewarded for that tenacity and fearlessness.

However, if you are more inclined to do some research on a particular game, like to weigh the pros and cons, do the math and like the slow and steady approach of taking the smaller odds bets that are much more likely to pay off but offer smaller but surer payouts, then you are recognized and rewarded by Betser too.

The incredibly innovative and immensely exciting system implemented by Betser is at the heart of the sportsbook. The “Balls” or “Brains” system calculates not just how much you win, but also takes into account how you place your wagers and what the resulting outcome is.
The “go big or go home” mentality is equally valued as the “slow and steady wins the race” outlook and both are rewarded big time.

No matter which way you place your wagers, Betser has your back. The points you earn with the system can then be used in a variety of ways such as free spins in the casino or even for free wagers at the table games and in the sportsbook. What could be more exciting than getting free stuff for the way you would have placed bets.